Tauerngold Festival Information

What is it?

 A Heavy Rock Festival with lot of energy and spirit!


Where is it?

Brauhausgasse 3

5620 – Schwarzach im Pongau


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 When is it?

26.07. – 27.07.2024. Open doors at 6pm! (18:00 Uhr)


For what is it good?

To blow your fucking mind!!!


I dont know if this kind of party is something for me!?!? Should i come?




Click here!! 



Please contact a hotel or a appartement in the region in advance. We don`t have a caravan or a camping area. If you need help, please don`t be shy and send a e-mail to us.


What is the recipe against hunger?

A good an valid question! We offer you the following festival menu:


Bosna „normal“ (Mmmhhhmm)

Bosna „vegetarian“ (SPECIALLLL GREEEEN ;))

„Chili con Carne“ (hot and spicy)

„Chili sin Carne“ (the special one)

„Toast“ against the little hunger


For what else should I pay attention?

That these days are fucking good for your mental health!!!


We love YOU!!! Stay health!!!

Your`s Festival-Crew

Where is the magical place?

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