Tauerngold Festival Information

What is it?

 A Heavy Rock Festival with lot of energy and spirit!


Where is it?

Brauhausgasse 3

5620 – Schwarzach im Pongau


Click here for maps!


When is it?

28.07. – 29.07.2023. Open doors at 6pm! (18:00 Uhr)


For what is it good?

To blow your fucking mind!!!


I dont know if this kind of party is something for me!?!? Should i come?




Everywhere the „general inflation“ is creeping in and leaving (almost) no one unaffected. As a non-profit association, we want to stand against this trend and feel obligated to provide the community with the opportunity to participate in the Tauerngold Festival. In this regard, our association has decided to maintain ticket prices at last year’s level.

Tickets purchased in advance are cheaper. If you want to buy tickets now, please click on the following link:

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Please contact a hotel or a appartement in the region in advance. We don`t have a caravan or a camping area. If you need help, please don`t be shy and send a e-mail to us.


What is the recipe against hunger?

A good an valid question! We offer you the following festival menu:


Bosna „normal“ (Mmmhhhmm)

Bosna „vegetarian“ (SPECIALLLL GREEEEN ;))

„Chili con Carne“ (hot and spicy)

„Toast“ against the little hunger


For what else should i pay attention?

That these days are fucking good for your mental health!!!


We love YOU!!! Stay health!!!

Your`s Festival-Crew



Where is the magical place?

Follow us!